Hertie School team wins award for “Best Use of Outside Data” at DataFest Germany 2023

Ten Hertie School students attend 48-hour hackathon.

At this year’s DataFest Germany, a Hertie School team won the prize “Best Use of Outside Data” prize for their project “Improving Public Policy: Companies and Jobs Creation”. The competition is organised annually by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. It takes the form of a 48-hour hackathon and tasks 80 students in 18 teams from around the country with analysing datasets from the German Commercial Register of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. 

Ten Hertie School Master of Data Science for Public Policy students participated in the event. In addition to the winning project, another Hertie School team presented their project “Gender Equality in Business Leadership: A Public Policy analysis in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg”.

“It was a great opportunity to show how data science and public policy can be combined to solve complex problems,” says Alvaro Guijarro, a Master of Data Science for Public Policy student and member of the winning team. The team also included Niklas Pawelzik, Fernanda Ortega, Lorenzo Gini and Fernando Corral. 

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