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Andrea Römmele: CDU in need of renewal after Merkel era

The Christian Democratic Party needs to focus on new issues, says Römmele in TV interview with ARD Tagesthemen.

When Angela Merkel steps down after 16 years as German chancellor in 2021, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party has to position itself anew, Hertie School Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society Andrea Römmele said in an interview with ARD Tagesthemen.

“Topics such as digitalisation and environmental issues need to be anchored much stronger in the programme of the CDU when looking ahead to the future,” said Römmele about the party that celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. 

When asked about Merkel’s potential successor, Römmele brought the CDU's Bavarian sister party Christian Social Union (CSU) into play - in particular, the current state premier Markus Söder.

“In times of crisis, the poll results show us that Markus Söder is the most likely candidate for chancellor at the moment,” she explains. “However, Markus Söder can only become chancellor candidate with [Minister of Health] Jens Spahn as party chairman. Therefore, the duo Spahn-Söder is perhaps something to look for in the future.”

Watch Andrea Römmele’s full interview (in German) here.