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Could expat voters swing the election?

In an interview with CNN, Mark Kayser discusses whether the vote of American expats living overseas could affect the outcome of the upcoming election.

In past US elections, the expat vote didn’t have a large effect because the turnout rate has been generally very low, Hertie School Professor of Applied Methods and Comparative Politics Mark Kayser says in an interview with CNN’s Kim Brunhuber.

In areas where the numbers are particularly close, however, Kayser believes the expat vote could become a decisive factor.

“The turnout is expected to be higher than it was in 2016,” he says. “But the numbers, again, are not huge. These are small numbers. But in a close state like Florida, there is a chance that it could matter.”

Watch the interview here.

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  • Mark Kayser , Dean of Faculty and Research and Professor of Applied Methods and Comparative Politics