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Is the German government's new climate package too weak?

Christian Flachsland says proposals are too cautious in Der Spiegel and on German TV ZDF.

"The climate protection package shows a lack of political courage," Christian Flachsland told the magazine Der Spiegel, referring to the German government's new proposal for a CO2 price starting at 10 euros per tonne in 2021. Although he said the government has created a framework for a comprehensive CO2 price package, the pricing is not high enough to be effective from the start, he said. Flachsland also told Der Spiegel: "I think there is still a good deal of uncertainty among politicians - since the topic of climate has suddenly shot to the top of the public agenda after many years - and politicians are asking what they can really demand of the public; they are testing where the boundaries are and what is actually politically feasible. What I see is that today's package has come out more on the cautious side," he said. 

Listen to his comments on German television ZDF here. (In German)

Read the Spiegel article here. (In German)

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