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Professors Andrea Römmele and Christian Flachsland comment on new German government

Parity cabinet faces high numbers of Covid-19 cases and challenges over climate change.

On Wednesday this week, Chancellor of 16 years Angela Merkel handed over office to social democrat successor Olaf Scholz. Shortly afterwards, his cabinet took office.

After the announcement of the last ministers on Monday, Andrea Römmele, Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society told zdfheute “International politics will be in the hands of women.” For the first time, the ministries for foreign affairs, defense, and economic cooperation will be led by female leaders. Moreover, the new government of Social Democrats, Green Party, and Free Democrats “will not have the famous 100 days in office before getting evaluated for their actions”, she said in zdfspezial. “Due to the Covid crisis, the government needs to act now.” Römmele provided her expertise on AFP, Al Jazeera, South China Morning Post, Het Financieele Daagblat, France24, El PaisLa Libre, La croix, zdf, Bayrischer Rundfunk, Tagesschau24 and rbb among others.

In Politico, Professor of Sustainability and Director of the Centre for Sustainability Christian Flachsland commented on the Green Party’s and Free Democrats’ diverging views on Germany’s energy transition and climate policies. According to the Politico, both parties differed in terms of how to fund energy transition and with what kind of approach. “The conflict will really be in the concrete policymaking next year. And then the question will be if the coalition can hold together,” Flachsland said. In this process, “at some point, the Chancellor would have to come in and ensure ... that ministries don't get lost in clashes leading to nondecisions.”


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