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Wolfgang Ischinger says Russia relationship is biggest problem for Europe, not US trade war

“The security situation is more dangerous than the end of the Soviet Union,” he told the Handelsblatt in an interview.

The former German ambassador to the United States and Hertie School professor Wolfgang Ischinger says that while he thinks the trade conflict with the United States can be resolved, the bigger danger for Europe lies in its relationship with Russia. “The complete lack of mutual trust with Moscow is currently the biggest problem,” he says, citing in particular “misunderstandings and unintended escalation.” The trade conflict with the US is more easily solved, he said, as there are good precedents for dealing with trade conflicts constructively in the past. Ischinger, who is also Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, spoke to the Handelsblatt on the sidelines of the MSC Cyber Security Summit in Tallinn, Estonia.

Read the full interview with Wolfgang Ischinger in German in the Handelsblatt

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  • Wolfgang Ischinger, Senior Professor of Security Policy and Diplomatic Practice | Founding Director, Centre for International Security