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Hertie School gains new professors in 2017

Luciana Cingolani and Lion Hirth join core faculty.

Berlin, 1 February 2017 - Two new professors will join the core faculty at Hertie School: Luciana Cingolani, Assistant Professor of Public Administration, and Lion Hirth, Assistant Professor of Governance of Digitalisation and Energy Policy. Both will examine different aspects of digitalisation. 

Originally from Argentina, Cingolani’s research examines the intersection between public management and technology, with a focus on administrative capacity building, transparency and accountability, and the role of eServices and Open Data. She collaborates with the Horizon2020 ‘Digiwhist’ project at the Hertie School on public procurement quality in Europe. She received her PhD from Maastricht University. Cingolani previously worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme, the French Development Agency and the OECD-Sigma project. Her professorship is supported by the Hertie Foundation.

Hirth’s research focuses on the economics of wind and solar power, energy policy instruments and electricity market design, as well as open data and open-source modelling. His publications on the market value of wind energy and on the integration of renewable energy into power systems have won several awards. Hirth is also a Research Fellow at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC). His professorship is funded by the Karl Schlecht Foundation.

Learn more about Luciana Cingolani ( and Lion Hirth ( on the Hertie School website. Portraits are also available on their profile pages for download.

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