Press release

Hertie School advises G20 as member of the Council of Global Problem-Solving

New initiative founded, to be based at the Hertie School in Berlin.

29 May 2017 – The Hertie School joins the Council of Global Problem-Solving, a collective of leading research institutions providing content on G20 issues, as its 21st member. Additionally, the Council decided at its meeting in Berlin to found a “Global Solutions Initiative” (GSI), its Secretariat to be located at the Hertie School in Berlin. The goal of the initiative is to bundle and disseminate scientific advice for the G20, with advice from the Council.

“With the GSI, we are creating a new structure to incorporate scientific expertise into the G20 process. We are very pleased that this important decision has been made during Germany’s G20 presidency. With the Hertie School, we have gained a partner who can enrich the GSI, as well as contribute to the organisation and stable coordination of worldwide activities here in Berlin,” says President of the Kiel Institute for World Economy Dennis J. Snower, co-chair of the research network Think20, which provides scientific support during Germany’s G20 presidency. The Kiel Institute will cooperate closely with the Hertie School.

Helmut K. Anheier, President of the Hertie School: “Working together with the IfW Kiel, Brookings, the OECD and other leading institutions during the G20 is an important step for our university. Additionally, the creation of the GSI is in keeping with the application-oriented and international approach of the Hertie School, contributing to the exchange of science, business, politics and civil society at the G20 level.”

Already as a member of Think20 Germany, the Hertie School is involved in several scientific working groups, the results of which will be discussed at the Think20 Summit 2017 in Berlin this week. Professor Helmut K. Anheier proposes recommendations for strengthening civil society organisations. Professor Mark Hallerberg tackles the cooperation of the G20 on tax matters. You can find the Policy Briefs of Hertie School faculty and staff here.

For more information about the newly founded Global Solutions Initiative, which is scheduled to begin work in 2018, please click here.

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