Press release

Hertie School receives the right to award Doctorates

Inauguration of the PhD in Governance on 18 September with Kurt Biedenkopf and LSE Director, Craig Calhoun.

Berlin, 3 September 2012 – The right to award Doctorates was officially conferred on the Hertie School on 1 September 2012 by the state of Berlin. The Berlin Senator for Education, Youth and Research, Sandra Scheeres, awarded the Berlin-based University the official right to award doctoral degrees and at the same time extended the Hertie School’s status as a state recognized institution of higher education in Germany for another five years.

The Berlin Senate’s announcement follows the German Science Council’s positive response on 14 November 2011, based on a year-long accreditation review, to the Hertie School’s application for the right to award Doctorates. The Hertie School is only the second German university to have successfully completed the Science Council’s new qualitative accreditation review process for the right to award Doctorates.  
“The conferment of the right to award Doctorates on the Hertie School is an exceptional accolade. They have, as highlighted by the Science Council’s recommendation, earned this right through their internationally competitive research,” said Senator Scheeres.

The Hertie School’s new Doctoral Programme, the PhD in Governance, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Markus Jachtenfuchs, will be launched in the Fall: In September the first cohort of PhD Students will start the three-year, research-intensive doctoral programme, which will see them directly involved in the School’s research agenda. Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf, Honorary Chairman of the Hertie School's Board of Trustees, will give the official opening speech at the Inauguration of the PhD in Governance on 18 September 2012. The Hertie School will also welcome Prof. Craig Calhoun, PhD, the new Director of its partner university the London School of Economics and Political Science, who will deliver the keynote on Governance in a Chaotic World at the event.