Press release

New faculty members at the Hertie School

Mark Dawson, Professor of European Law and Governance, Jörg Dräger joins as adjunct faculty member.

Berlin, 23 January 2012 – The New Year has seen the Hertie School expanding its faculty: The UK legal scholar, Mark Dawson, PhD joins the Berlin Public Policy University as Professor of European Law and Governance. Before joining the Hertie School, Dawson taught at Maastricht University; he remains a scholar within the Maastricht Centre for European Law. Dawson holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence. One of his key areas of research interest is the relationship in the EU between law and policy-making – he recently published a book on New Governance and the Transformation of European Law: Coordinating EU Social Law and Policy. Dawson fills the professorship of Prof. Dr. Alexander Graser who joined Regensburg University in 2011 and maintains close ties with the Hertie School as Senior Fellow.  

The Hertie School has also been enriched by Dr. Jörg Dräger, Prof. Dr. Thráinn Eggertsson and Dr. Arntraud Hartmann joining the ranks as adjunct faculty members. Jörg Dräger is member of the Bertelsmann Foundation Executive Board where he is responsible for the fields of education, integration, civic participation and good governance. Moreover, he serves as CEO of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). From 2001 to 2008, Dräger was appointed Minister for Science and Research in the state of Hamburg. Dräger teaches courses in public management at the Hertie School. 

Thráinn Eggertsson is Professor at the University of Iceland’s Institute of Economic Research in addition to, among other, having served as Global Distinguished Professor of Politics at New York University. At the Hertie School he teaches political economy. Development cooperation is the core area that Arntraud Hartmann’s teaching at the Hertie School focuses on. She previously held a leading position at the World Bank for several years and in addition to her affiliation with the Hertie School she also teaches at Johns Hopkins University’s Bologna Center.

“The fusion of academic excellence and a strong practice orientation under one roof is a core aspect of the Hertie School approach. We are proud to have successfully recruited these excellent academics and high-profile representatives of the political sphere to the Hertie School,” said Dean Prof. Helmut K. Anheier, PhD.