A breakthrough for children in Germany

In a Zeit Online op-ed, Klaus Hurrelmann writes that grand coalition plans hold much promise for children's welfare. (In German)

For years, Klaus Hurrelmann and other youth researchers have called for better protection under the law for children, in particular to do away with social and economic disadvantages. Finally, it seems politicians may be responding to this, Hurrelmann writes in a guest commentary for Zeit Online. The new plans for a grand coalition between Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats, the Bavarian Christian Social Union and the left-leaning Social Democratic Party call for anchoring children's rights in the country's Basic Law. This call is underpinned by concrete measures to support disadvantaged children, such as raising child benefits for families and steps toward securing a minimum welfare standard for children, says Hurrelmann.

Read the full commentary from 19 January in Zeit Online. (In German)


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