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SWR podcast series with Andrea Römmele: Democracy in the coronavirus crisis

In a German radio series, Römmele talks about the politics of the crisis in Germany and abroad (in German).

The coronavirus crisis is affecting everything, including democracy. In a 10-part daily podcast series "Democracy in the coronavirus crisis", Andrea Römmele, Hertie School Professor of Communication and Politics in Civil Society discusses the implications of the coronavirus crisis for democracy and politics on SWR German radio. (In German)

Episode 1: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Profitieren jetzt die Macher?

Episode 2: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Wo bleiben die Grundrechte?

Episode 3: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Wissenschaftler als bessere Politiker?

Episode 4: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Erzwungene Digitalisierung des Staates?

Episode 5: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Werden Arme noch ärmer?

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  • Andrea Römmele , Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society