Understanding public opposition to carbon taxes

In an op-ed for Tagesspiegel, Sebastian Levi argues that political trust will lead to wider acceptance for higher carbon taxes.

In an op-ed for Tagesspiegel, Hertie School postdoctoral researcher Sebastian Levi writes that active communication about the impact of carbon taxes is a key instrument in achieving wider acceptance among the public.

The article is based on findings and key results from Levi’s new study “Why hate carbon taxes?”, which was published in Energy Research & Social Science.

“Another important strategy is to not simply return carbon tax revenues to the federal budget, but to instead invest them in low-emission technologies or distribute them back to the citizens,” Levi suggests.

Levi will also be part of the new Centre for Sustainability at the Hertie School, which will be launched this year. Stay tuned for updates about the Centre by joining our mailing list.

Read the full op-ed (in German) here.

Read the full study here.

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