Cultural Value Project publishes German and English literature review

The project aims to evaluate German and British cultural relations methods.

The Cultural Value Project is a joint research project of the Hertie School and the UK’s Open University that aims to create a new method for evaluating cultural relations. The project also seeks to foster dialogue and cooperation between the UK and Germany by creating awareness of shared cultural relations. It is commissioned by two of the countries’ major cultural institutes, the British Council and the Goethe-Institut.

The project’s first output is a literature review on soft power, cultural relations and public diplomacy. It explores these terms through the lenses of history, theory and practice.

According to the review, “German cultural relations are founded on a ‘strong’ conception of culture (where culture is closely tied to national history, language and identity). In contrast, British cultural relations are based on a ‘weak’ conception of culture, emerging from a tradition of liberal individualism and British empiricism.”

Read the full review, “Cultural Relations in Societies in Transition: A Literature Review”, here.

The final results of the project are expected to be published in summer 2018.