Hertie School surveys refugees on their experiences

Hertie School Professor Gerhard Hammerschmid investigates refugees' interactions with public institutions and NGOs.

What kinds of experiences do refugees have with public institutions and NGOs in Berlin? To answer this question, Hertie School Professor Gerhard Hammerschmid will be conducting surveys with refugees until the end of March. The results are expected to help improve the quality of processes and services offered to refugees.


The study focuses on refugees from Afghanistan, Albania, Iraq, Kosova and Syria. The research team is comprised of volunteers who speak the languages of the target communities, including Hertie MPP students and refugees participating in the Hertie School’s special refugee programme. The analysis of the results will be available in summer 2016.

The study forms part of the Hertie School’s wider goal of supporting civil society in its efforts to promote integration. Other measures include German courses for refugees and public debates on asylum and migration policy (e.g. in relation to the education or family dimension).

More about Gerhard Hammerschmid

  • Gerhard Hammerschmid , Professor of Public and Financial Management | Director, Centre for Digital Governance