Open-source investigation for human rights: Ethics, methods and practices

From videos of rights violations, to satellite images of environmental degradation, to eyewitness accounts disseminated on social media, human rights practitioners have access to more data today than ever before. Modern technology - and the enhanced access it provides to information about abuse - has the potential to revolutionise both human rights reporting and documentation, as well as the pursuit of legal accountability.

However, these new methods for information gathering and dissemination, have also created significant challenges for investigators as the capture and dissemination of content is often haphazard. For it to be of use to investigators it must be discovered, verified, and authenticated. This training session conducted in collaboration with the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley and Amnesty International's Crisis Response Team will discuss the history, ethics, methods and best practices associated with open source research and how it can be incorporated into documentation and investigation processes for human rights advocacy and accountability. 


Please note registration has closed as the workshop is fully booked.

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