Pew Research Center report: Pan-European public opinion towards democracy, market economies and the EU

The Pew Research Center is releasing on 15 October, just before the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, a major study of pan-European public opinion towards democracy, market economies and the EU.

The report explores public attitudes about the past, present, and future of Europe.  In former communist nations, the Center will examine views about the shift to democracy and a market economy, as well as whether people believe life is better or worse now than under communism.  It will also ask who has benefited from the changes in society since 1989.

Do average citizens believe membership in the European Union has been beneficial for their countries or not, and do they think they have benefited from the economic integration of Europe? Are publics are largely optimistic or pessimistic about a range of issues, including inequality, education, and the functioning of their political system? How is each country’s relationship with the United States and other European nations perceived?

Guest speaker

Laura Silver is a senior researcher at Pew Research Center. She is an expert in international survey research and writes about international public opinion on a variety of topics, including media usage and partisanship in Europe, Chinese public opinion, and global attitudes toward China.


Simon Munzert is Assistant Professor of Data Science and Public Policy at the Hertie School and part of the Hertie School Data Science Lab. His research interests include opinion formation in the digital age, public opinion, and the use of online data in social research.

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