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The Hertie School's research centres expand the university’s teaching and research activities in public policy and international affairs, and enrich the master and doctoral programmes. The centres also contribute to the lively political debate in Berlin by facilitating a series of public events. Each of our international research projects tackles a specific question, or set of questions, related to current governance challenges. The school’s interdisciplinary approach brings together researchers, decision-makers and professionals from different sectors to highlight potentials and innovation. Supporters and funders can contribute to research and discourse on pressing challenges in fields such as international security, anti-corruption and fiscal policy. For more information please contact us, or visit our research centres and research projects pages.


Endowed professorships/Funded professorships

One of the key ways to support research and teaching at the Hertie School – and simultaneously promote practical answers for tomorrow’s challenges – is through an endowed chair. Endowed chairs enable us to set an agenda for researching previously neglected fields, as well as to interact with political actors from Germany’s capital and around the globe. Not least of all, they facilitate close contact between experts and students.


Assistant professorship of International Affairs and Security funded by the Friede Springer Foundation

"We find the broad and interlinking concept of security, which underlies the activities at the Hertie School, very convincing. Topics such as security and development, transatlantic relations and cyber security are highly relevant and urgently require partnership in the areas of research and teaching." - Dr. h.c. Friede Springer, Chairwoman of the Board, Friede Springer Foundation

Read more about Julian Wucherpfennig, Professor of International Affairs and Security.

The Friede Springer Foundation also supports scholarships for Master of International Affairs students.


Assistant professorship of Governance of Digitalisation and Energy Policy funded by the Karl Schlecht Foundation

"In order to manage the energy transition successfully – not only on a technological but also a societal level, by maintaining our employment ratios, power supply quality and mobility – innovative research is required. The Hertie School with its intersectoral approach is the ideal partner for us in addressing these challenges." - Prof. h.c. Dipl. Ing. Karl Schlecht, Chairman und Founder of the Karl Schlecht Foundation

Read more about Lion Hirth, Assistant Professor of Governance of Digitalisation and Energy Policy.


Assistant Professor of Educational Governance funded by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation in cooperation with the Stifterverband

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation has established this professorship in close cooperation with the Academy for Innovative Education and Management (aim) in Heilbronn and the Stifterverband. It is dedicated to the organisation and administration of education and training systems, especially their capacity, performance and reform needs with a focus on policy-relevant research on how to improve governance. The activities include research on the shared role of state, school governing bodies, teachers, parents and other stakeholders in the education process. 

Read more about Lukas Graf, Assistant Professor of Educational Governance.