Doctoral students

Visiting PhD Students

The following PhD students are visiting the Hertie School this semester. Their research visits are funded PHD GLOBAL project, promoted by the German Academic Exchange Ser-vice (DAAD) and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the IPID4all programme.

Spring 2017

Bruno Queiroz Cunha (Unidersidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

Topic: Regulatory Change and Regulatory Innovation in Brazil (and Other States)

Martina Menghi (Second University of Naples)

Topic: The Posting of Workers in the European Union

Nora Ratzmann (LSE)

Topic: Realising EU Migrants' Social Citizenship Rights at Street-Level: The daily practice of (in)equality of access in German jobcentres

David Schäfer (LSE)

Topic: The Creation of the EU Banking Union: Assessing the interplay of interests and ideas

Tobias Tesche (EUI)

Topic: The Common Knowledge of Banking Union, the ECB and the Sovereign-Bank Nexus

Fall Semester 2016

Andreu, Marco | University of Warwick
The Performative Politics of Social Impact Bonds

Rothstein, Sidney | University of Pennsylvania 
Commodification and Control: Tech Worker Responses to Mass Dismissals in Germany and the United States

Woźniakowski, Tomasz | EUI Florence
Towards Fiscalization of the European Union? Sovereign Debt Crisis and the Federal Power to Tax: Lessons from the Early United States in Forging a Fiscal Union

Spring Semester 2016

Aaskoven, Lars | University of Copenhagen
Causes and Consequences of Fiscal Institutions

Chabova, Kristyna | Charles University Prague
Corruption: Is There Any Hope For Post-communist Countries?

Galletti, Francesco | University of Salzburg
Restructuring the EU in and after the Crisis

Karremans, Johannes | EUI Florence
State vs Voters: On Which Side Do (Labor) Parties Stand?

Kinsky, Lucy | IHS Vienna
National Parliamentarians (MPs) and their Patterns of Representation in European Union (EU) Affairs

Nicoli, Francesco | University of Trento 
Eurozone’s Functional Disequilibria: A Multidimensional Analysis of the Eurocrisis and of its Political Implications

Schade, Daniel | LSE
Understanding Change in Foreign Policy: The Changing Dynamics of the EU’s Latin America Policy

Sting, Anna | Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam
Functionality of Parliaments in European Economic Policy-Making

Vianello, Ilaria | EUI Florence
Measuring the Union External Action against Administrative Principles and Standards

Wachs, Johannes | CEU Budapest
Corruption Typologies and Network Representations

Wratil, Chistopher | LSE
Patterns of Responsiveness and Policy Representation in European Union Policymaking