Recent publications by our PhD researchers

Salazar Morales, D., Hallerberg, M. (2021): The role of fiscal coordination and partisanship in the Spanish fiscal federalist system. Journal of Regional and Federal Studies.

Salazar Morales, D. (2021): The Reputational Basis of Policy Success in Comparative Perspective. Evidence from the Education Sector in Peru and Bolivia. Governance.

Haas, J., Ferrara, F. M., Peterson, A., Sattler, T. (2021): Exports vs. investment: How political discourse shapes popular support for external imbalances. Socio-Economic Review.

Riordan, R., Rodger, B., Maher, I. (2021): A decade of EU law in the courts of Scotland and Ireland: national legal systems compared. Legal Studies

Jerg, L., O'Reilly, J., Schulze Buschoff, K. (2021): Adapting social protection to the needs of multiple jobholders in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany.  Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research.

Ruhnau, O. (2020): Market-based renewables: How flexible hydrogen electrolyzers stabilize wind and solar market values. EconStor.

Lindemann, K., Stoetzer, L.F. (2021): The effect of televised candidate debates on the support for political parties. Electoral Studies.

Mejía, L. (2020): Judicial review of regulatory decisions: Decoding the contents of appeals against agencies in Spain and the United Kingdom. Regulation & Governance.

Eicke, A., Khanna, T., Hirth, L. (2020): Locational investment signals in electricity markets: How to steer the location of new power generation capacity. The Energy Journal.

Brüggmann, D. (2020): Women’s employment, income and divorce in West Germany: a causal approachJournal for Labour Market Research.

Flonk, D., Jachtenfuchs, M., Obendiek, A.(2020): Authority Conflicts in Internet Governance: Liberals vs. Sovereigntists? Global Constitutionalism.

Upcoming defences

21 June 2021, 10:00 am (online): Licia Bobzien, “The role of perceived economic inequality in the formation of political preferences" | Doctoral committee: Prof. Dr. Anke Hassel (Hertie School), Prof. Dr. Tobias Wolbring (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Bernhard Kittel (University of Vienna), Prof. Dr. Roland Verwiebe (University of Potsdam), Dr. Nils Redeker (Hertie School)

1 July 2021, 10:00 am (online): Till Hartmann, “Corruption as a development policy issue: Tracing the formulation and implementation of theories of change” | Doctoral committee: Prof. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, PhD (Hertie School), Prof. Heather Marquette, PhD (University of Birmingham), Prof. Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, PhD (Chr. Michelsen Institute), Dr. Jessica Breaugh (Hertie School)

Recent activities

Ruhnau, Oliver: Best student paper award for the 2021 Online conference of the International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE)
"As my PhD research is in the field of energy economics, the IAEE is the association of scholars working on similar topics, and the annual international conference hosted by the IAEE is the venue to present my work to the global community. Hence, I am very pleased that my paper How flexible electricity demand stabilizes wind and solar market values: the case of hydrogen electrolyzers has been selected for the Best Paper Award at this conference. Of course, this is an honor but also an opportunity to get the spotlight on my presentation at the conference. I am very much looking forward to this."

Deo, Sahil: Sahil has been active in Pune, India throughout the pandemic and has been working with the Pune Platform for COVID Response on a new initiative to obtain and distribute oxygen in local hospitals. Supplies are being sourced and shipped from Singapore with the help of funds raised here in Germany and all over the world. 

Ruhnau, OliverKick-off event on green growth organised by the student-forum d\carb 
"How can our economy transition toward a sustainable future? I am proud to be part of the student-led d\carb Future Economy Forum, where we aim to find answers to this important question. Join our first event on Green Growth with Ottmar Edenhofer, Cameron Hepburn, and Johanna Schiele, hosted by the new Centre for Sustainability at the Hertie School. There are more events to come."