Recent publications by our PhD researchers

Haas, J., Ferrara, F. M., Peterson, A., Sattler, T. (2021): Exports vs. investment: How political discourse shapes popular support for external imbalances. Socio-Economic Review.

Riordan, R., Rodger, B., Maher, I. (2021): A decade of EU law in the courts of Scotland and Ireland: national legal systems compared. Legal Studies

Jerg, L., O'Reilly, J., Schulze Buschoff, K. (2021): Adapting social protection to the needs of multiple jobholders in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany.  Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research.

Ruhnau, O. (2020): Market-based renewables: How flexible hydrogen electrolyzers stabilize wind and solar market values. EconStor.

Lindemann, K., Stoetzer, L.F. (2021): The effect of televised candidate debates on the support for political parties. Electoral Studies.

Mejía, L. (2020): Judicial review of regulatory decisions: Decoding the contents of appeals against agencies in Spain and the United Kingdom. Regulation & Governance.

Eicke, A., Khanna, T., Hirth, L. (2020): Locational investment signals in electricity markets: How to steer the location of new power generation capacity. The Energy Journal.

Brüggmann, D. (2020): Women’s employment, income and divorce in West Germany: a causal approachJournal for Labour Market Research.

Flonk, D., Jachtenfuchs, M., Obendiek, A.(2020): Authority Conflicts in Internet Governance: Liberals vs. Sovereigntists? Global Constitutionalism.

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