Recent publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Ruhnau, Oliver, Bucksteeg, Michael, Ritter, David, et al. (2022): Why electricity market models yield different results: Carbon pricing in a model-comparison experiment. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 153: January 2022. 

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Eicke, Anselm, Ruhnau, Oliver, Hirth, Lion (2021): Electricity balancing as a market equilibrium: An instrument-based estimation of supply and demand for imbalance energy. Energy Economics, 102: October 2021. 

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Cloethe, Schalk, Ruhnau, Oliver, Hirth, Lion (2021): On capital utilization in the hydrogen economy: The quest to minimize idle capacity in renewables-rich energy systemsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46:1, 169-188.

Lindemann, Korinna, Stoetzer, Lukas F. (2021): The effect of televised candidate debates on the support for political parties. Electoral Studies, 69.

Mejía, Luis (2020): Judicial review of regulatory decisions: Decoding the contents of appeals against agencies in Spain and the United Kingdom. Regulation & Governance, January 2020.

Ruhnau, Oliver, Hirth, Lion, Praktiknjo, Aaron (2020): Heating with wind: Economics of heat pumps and variable renewables. Energy Egonomics, 92.

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Book chapters

Deo, Sahil, Sontakke, Neha (2021): User-Centric Explainability in Fintech Applications. In: Stephanidis, C. et al. (eds), HCI International 2021 - Posters. HCII 2021. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1420. Springer, Cham. 

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Padmanabhan, Ananth, Deo, Sahil, Aiyar, Yamini (2020): The Coronavirus Pandemic: Data and Technology Implications on Citizen-State Relations. Podcast. Centre for Policy Research.


Other publications

Garten, Felix (2021): The challenge of Chinese digital payment networks. 9Dashline.

Khanna, Tarun (2021): Optimizing agricultural demand response for reducing costs of renewable energy integration in India. EconStor. 

Ruhnau, Oliver, Qvist, Staffan (2021): Storage requirements in a 100% renewable electricity system: Extreme events and inter-annual variability. EconStor. 

Khanna, Tarun (2021): Power system flexibility will be essential for India to reach its renewable energy targets. IEA 2021. 

Bucksteeg, Michael, Wiedmann, Michael, Pöstges, Arne, et al. (2021): The transformation of integrated electricity and heat systems - Assessing mid-term policies using a model comparison approach. EconStor.

Pöstges, Arne, Bucksteeg, Michael, Ruhnau, Oliver, et al. (2021): Phasing out coal - An impact analysis comparing five large-scale electricity market modelsEconStor.

Cloete, Schalk, Ruhnau, Oliver, Cloete, Jan Hendrik, Hirth, Lion (2021): Blue hydrogen and industrial base products: The future of fossil fuel exporters in a net-zero worldEconStor.

Ruhnau, Oliver (2021): How flexible electricity demand stabilizes wind and solar market values: the case of hydrogen electrolyzers. EconStor.

Deo, Sahil, Franz, Christian (2020): Building India’s global health strategy: Beyond the role of ‘Pharmacist of the world’. ORF Special Report, 106: May 2020. Observer Research Foundation.

Krishnan, Sanjana, Deo, Sahil, Manurkar, Shardul (2020): 50 Days of Lockdown: Measuring India’s Success in Arresting COVID-19. ORF Special Report, 107:May 2020. Observer Research Foundation.

Flonk, Daniëlle (2020): Book Review: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power. Convergence, Online First.

König, Franca (2020): Big Data, 5G and AI. How Europol could help von der Leyen achieve her goals. The Hertie School, Jacques Delors Centre, Policy Papers, February 2020. 

Maher, Imelda, Riordan, Ronan (2020): The Supreme Court and EU Law: Reshuffling Institutional Balance. UCD Working Papers in Law.

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