Recent publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Riordan, Ronan, Rodger, Barry, Maher, Imelda (2021): A decade of EU law in the courts of Scotland and Ireland: national legal systems compared. Legal Studies, February 2021.

Jerg, Lukas, O'Reilly, Jacqueline, Schulze Buschoff, Karin (2021): Adapting social protection to the needs of multiple jobholders in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany. Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, February 2021.

Ruhnau, Oliver, Cloethe, Schalk, Hirth, Lion (2021): On capital utilization in the hydrogen economy: The quest to minimize idle capacity in renewables-rich energy systemsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46:1, 169-188.

Lindemann, Korinna, Stoetzer, Lukas F. (2021): The effect of televised candidate debates on the support for political parties. Electoral Studies, 69.

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Ruhnau, Oliver, Hirth, Lion, Praktiknjo, Aaron (2020): Heating with wind: Economics of heat pumps and variable renewables. Energy Egonomics, 92.

Eicke, Anselm, Khanna, Tarun, Hirth, Lion (2020): Locational investment signals in electricity markets: How to steer the location of new power generation capacity. The Energy Journal, 41:6, 281-304.

Brüggmann, Daniel (2020): Women’s employment, income and divorce in West Germany: a causal approach. Journal for Labour Market Research, 54:5.

Flonk, Daniëlle, Jachtenfuchs, Markus, Obendiek, Anke S. (2020): Authority Conflicts in Internet Governance: Liberals vs. Sovereigntists? Global Constitutionalism, 9:2, 364-386.

Stockmann, Daniela, Garten, Felix, Luo, Ting (2020): Who is a PRC user? Comparing Chinese social media user agreements. First Monday, 25:8.

Haas, Jörg S., D’Erman, Valerie J., Schulz, Daniel F., Verdun, Amy (2020): Economic and fiscal policy coordination after the crisis: is the European Semester promoting more or less state intervention? Journal of European Integration, 42:3, 327-344.

Oswald, Lisa, Ernst, Andreas (2020): Flying in the Face of Climate Change: Quantitative psychological approach examining the social drivers of individual air travel. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 29:1, 68-86.

Klaus, Geraldine, Ernst, Andreas, Oswald, Lisa (2019): Psychological factors influencing laypersons’ acceptance of climate engineering, climate change mitigation and business as usual scenarios. Technology in Society, 60: February 2020.

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Markgraf, Jonas, Rosas, Guillermo (2019): On Board With Banks: Do Banking Connections Help Politicians Win Elections? The Journal of Politics, 81:4.

Ruhnau, Oliver, Hirth, Lion, Praktiknjo, Aaron (2019): Time series of heat demand and heat pump efficiency for energy system modeling. Scientific Data, 6: 189.

Keck, Wolfgang, Radenacker, Anke, Brüggmann, Daniel, Kreyenfeld, Michaela, Mika, Tatjana (2019): Statutory Pension Insurance Accounts and Divorce: A New Scientific Use File. Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 240:6, 825-835.



Falkenhain, Mariella (2020): Weak institutions and the governance dilemma: Gaps as traps. International Series on Public Policy, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Freudlsperger, Christian (2020): Trade Policy in Multilevel Government: Organizing Openness. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Book chapters

Madlener, Reinhard, Ruhnau, Oliver (2021): Variable renewables and demand flexibility: Day-ahead versus intraday valuation. In: Fereidoon Sioshansi (ed.), Variable Generation, Flexible Demand. Academic Press. Ch. 13, 309-327.

Kossow, Niklas (2020): Digitising the Anti-Corruption Sphere: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead. In: Alina Mungiu-Pippidi and Paul Heywood (eds.), A Research Agenda for Studies of Corruption. Edward Elgar Publishing. 

Falkenhain, Mariella, Paturyan, Yevgenya, Stefes, Christoph H. (2020): Armenien. In: A. Benz, S. Bröchler & H.-J. Lauth (Hrsg.), Handbuch der europäischen Verfassungsgeschichte im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. Institutionen und Rechtspraxis im gesellschaftlichen Wandel. Dietz, Kap. 45, 1523-1547 (Bonn).



Padmanabhan, Ananth, Deo, Sahil, Aiyar, Yamini (2020): The Coronavirus Pandemic: Data and Technology Implications on Citizen-State Relations. Podcast. Centre for Policy Research.


Other publications

Ruhnau, Oliver (2020): Market-based renewables: How flexible hydrogen electrolyzers stabilize wind and solar market values. EconStor.

Deo, Sahil, Franz, Christian (2020): Building India’s global health strategy: Beyond the role of ‘Pharmacist of the world’. ORF Special Report, 106: May 2020. Observer Research Foundation.

Krishnan, Sanjana, Deo, Sahil, Manurkar, Shardul (2020): 50 Days of Lockdown: Measuring India’s Success in Arresting COVID-19. ORF Special Report, 107:May 2020. Observer Research Foundation.

Eicke, Anselm, Ruhnau, Oliver, Hirth, Lion (2020): Electricity balancing as a market equilibrium: Estimating supply and demand of imbalance energy. EconStor. 

Flonk, Daniëlle (2020): Book Review: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power. Convergence, Online First.

König, Franca (2020): Big Data, 5G and AI. How Europol could help von der Leyen achieve her goals. The Hertie School, Jacques Delors Centre, Policy Papers, February 2020. 

Darius, Philipp, Stephany, Fabian (2019): “Hashjacking” the Debate: Polarisation Strategies of Germany’s Political Far-Right on Twitter. In: Weber I. et al. (eds), Social Informatics. SocInfo 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11864. Springer, Cham.

Maher, Imelda, Riordan, Ronan (2019): The Supreme Court and EU Law: Reshuffling Institutional Balance. UCD Law Working Papers in Law, Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies Research Paper Series, 16.