PhD supervisors



Hertie School Faculty

  • Helmut Anheier
    Professor of Sociology

    Governance; civil society; nonprofit organisations and philanthropy; social innovations; organisational studies and institutional analysis; cultural policy; research methods, indicators; comparative sociology

  • Ruth Ditlmann
    Professor of Social Psychology

    The social psychology of intergroup relations; intergroup contact; anti-bias and micro-level peacebuilding interventions; dyadic processes in intergroup dialogues; implicit motives; social impact and the use of evidence in the third sector

  • Slava Jankin
    Professor of Data Science and Public Policy

    Data science; applications of machine learning and natural language processing

  • Lynn Kaack
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Public Policy | Data Science Lab

    Climate and energy policy; applications of data science and machine learning; method development in policy analysis; policy and governance questions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and climate change

  • Mark Kayser
    Professor of Applied Methods and Comparative Politics

    Political behaviour; elections; political institutions; political economy; representation and accountability; populism; coalition bargaining

  • Michaela Kreyenfeld
    Professor of Sociology

    Quantitative research (with micro level data); public policy and demographic behaviour; public policy and family behaviour (fertility, marriage, divorce etc.); migration and integration

  • Johanna Mair
    Professor for Organization, Strategy and Leadership

    Organisational theory and institutional analysis; alternative forms of economic organising (including social enterprises and sharing platform organisations); social problems – the promise and perils of innovation, scaling and system change

  • Sébastien Mena
    Professor of Organization and Governance

    Management and organisation studies; organisation theory; organisational sociology; business and society; corporate social responsibility; corporate sustainability; business ethics; sustainable development

  • Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
    Professor of Democracy Studies

    Transitions to democracy and reversals to autocratic rule; the development of rule of law and control of corruption; collective action solutions for governance problems; institutional change through democracy promotion and development assistance; the European Union role in shaping governance through EU funds, assistance and conditionality; the anti-elite sentiment in the developed world and the rise of populism; crony capitalism and media capture

  • Arianna Ornaghi
    Assistant Professor of Economics

    Empirical political economy; law and economics; economics of crime; economics of media

  • Andrea Römmele
    Dean of Executive Education and Professor for Communication in Politics and Civil Society

    Media and society; campaigns and elections; political parties in a comparative perspective; political consulting and policy advice

  • Mujaheed Shaikh
    Professor of Health Governance

    Health economics and management; health expenditures; hospital efficiency and competition; health insurance; health inequality; social determinants of health

  • Kai Wegrich
    Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy

    Bureaucracy and policymaking; politics-administration relations; policy instruments; administrative capacities; the politics of enforcement; regulation and regulatory reform (i.e. "better regulation")



Faculty affiliated with the Centre for Digital Governance

  • Joanna Bryson
    Professor of Ethics and Technology | Centre for Digital Governance

    Transnational governance of technology; economic and social impacts of ICT; transparency for AI regulation

  • Gerhard Hammerschmid
    Professor of Public and Financial Management | Director, Centre for Digital Governance

    Public management (reform); public sector innovation; digital government; HRM; organisation theory

  • Thurid Hustedt
    Professor of Public Administration and Management | Centre for Digital Governance

    Comparative public administration; politics and administration; policy advice; digital governance; public sector innovation

  • Daniela Stockmann
    Professor of Digital Governance | Centre for Digital Governance

    Digital governance; new media, public opinion and political participation; marketisation of media; rise of authoritarianism; public opinion and foreign policymaking; Chinese politics and media; platform regulation



Faculty affiliated with the Centre for Fundamental Rights

  • Başak Çalı
    Professor of International Law | Director Centre for Fundamental Rights

    International law and global governance; evolution and innovation in international law; reception and impact of international law in domestic settings; human rights interpretation, impact and legitimacy of international human rights law; comparative human rights law, regional human rights courts; European Court Human Rights; the United Nations Human Rights Regime

  • Cathryn Costello
    Professor of Fundamental Rights | Co-Director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights

    International and European refugee and migration law; international and European law and governance of asylum and migration; labour rights and the governance of migration; global governance of asylum and migration; comparative migration and refugee law and politics; administrative justice and administrative governance of asylum and migration



Faculty affiliated with the Centre for International Security

  • Anita Gohdes
    Professor of International and Cyber Security | Centre for International Security

    Political violence; empirical studies of conflict processes; empirical studies of human rights; topics related to the role of communication technology and social media in contentious processes; cyber conflict and cyber war

  • Marina Henke
    Professor of International Relations | Centre for International Security

    European security and defence policy; Grand Strategy; nuclear policy; military interventions and peacekeeping

  • Julian Wucherpfennig
    Professor of International Affairs and Security | Centre for International Security

    Political violence and conflict processes; (ethnic) civil war; terrorism; ethnic powersharing; irregular migration; forecasting in international affairs; quantitative approaches to international security



Faculty affiliated with the Centre for Sustainability

  • Lion Hirth
    Assistant Professor of Governance of Digitalisation and Energy Policy | Centre for Sustainability

    Energy economics and policy, in particular economics of renewables; electricity markets; energy system modeling

  • Christian Flachsland
    Professor of Sustainability | Director, Centre for Sustainability

    Climate policy institutions and governance; climate policy instrument mix; interest groups and public preferences; science-policy interface



Faculty affiliated with the Jacques Delors Centre

  • Mark Dawson
    Professor of European Law and Governance

    EU governance and regulation; fundamental rights; EU institutional law; the European Court of Justice; EU social law and policy; Economic and Monetary Union; accountability; the rule of law

  • Anke Hassel
    Professor of Public Policy | Co-Director Jacques Delors Centre

    Comparative political economy; varieties of capitalism; labour and trade unions; EU labour migration and labour market policy; digital transformation and the future of work

  • Markus Jachtenfuchs
    Professor of European and Global Governance | Director, Jacques Delors Centre

    European Union politics, particularly solidarity and fiscal transfers; comparative federalism and the EU; European and global Internet governance

  • Christine Reh
    Dean of Graduate Programmes and Professor of European Politics

    European Union institutions and politics; legislative behaviour, decision making and organisation; multi-level governance (in particular: Legitimacy, politicisation and contestation)





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