Integrated Professional Year

Professional Year at BwConsulting

About BwConsulting

BwConsulting is the in-house consultancy of the Bundeswehr (the German armed forces) and supports the German Ministry of Defence (MoD) in making significant and lasting improvements. The work focuses on strategic processes within the German MoD and is commissioned exclusively by top management within the ministry. Having nearly 20 years of experience, BwConsulting is uniquely equipped to consult the German military by means of a broad range of experts working in their main offices in Berlin and Cologne. 

What can you expect?

Students who participate in the Integrated Professional Year programme leave the Hertie School for 12 months between the first and second year of their studies in order to acquire professional experience. BwConsulting offers the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience in consulting for the German armed forces – one of the main pillars of a free, democratic order – and work on diverse and challenging tasks in an open environment. In addition to gaining insights into consulting and the field of security studies, Integrated Professional Year participants will receive extensive feedback and coaching opportunities during and potentially after completion of the internship.

Participants in the programme join a team of consultants in one of several thematic clusters at BwConsulting: Strategy, organisation, process management, change management or human resources management. They will perform analyses and do project-specific research, prepare and review workshops and interviews, communicate findings in presentations and contribute ideas in discussions and exchanges within the team. Appropriate financial compensation will be provided.


Who is it for?

This opportunity is for applicants with excellent written and oral German skills who ideally have previous work experience from having done internships and who are eager to take on responsibility and work in a team. In addition to being flexible, independent and reliable, successful candidates are expected to apply their analytical and communication skills while focusing on maintaining a high-quality performace.


How to apply?

Interested candidates should submit a standard application to the Hertie School. In addition, applicants should convey their interest in a motivation letter written in German highlighting what they find compelling about public sector consulting. The motivation statement should be sent to grad-admissions[at]

Once admitted, potential applicants are shortlisted by the Hertie School. These applications are sent to BwConsulting, who select the participants for the Integrated Professional Year. These students then need to sign a contract with BwConsulting.

There is no separate deadline for this programme.