Hertie School Student Research Paper Series

Papers are to be submitted to the Editorial Team in charge of the Series. Selection criteria consist of above average grading and originality of research. Content will cover a wide spectrum of topics, reflecting the multiple research streams and interdisciplinary approach of the School.

Authors are exclusively responsible for the content of their papers and the views expressed therein. They retain the copyright for their work. Discussion and comments are invited. Student Papers will be made electronically available through this website. If the material is being published in a language other than German or English, both the original text and the reference to the publication will be kept on the list. An abstract is available online for each of the posted Student Papers under the respective link.


A tale of toothless tigers: Political accountability in the German system of parliamentary intelligence service oversight

By Alexander Busold and Laura Franken (MPP 2016)

Thesis Advisor: Professor Dr. Claus Offe

2016 | HSSPS 01



The EU’s extraterritorial asylum policies and human rights obligations: Prospects, limits and the role of the European courts

By Anna Hoffmann (MPP 2015)

Thesis Advisor: Mark Dawson 


Welfare state regimes and youth incarceration: A comparison of Germany, Sweden, and the United States

By Haley Reimbold (MPP/MPA 2015)

Thesis Advisor: Klaus Hurrelmann


Governing through crime in the Northern Territory: Are criminal justice system changes contributing to rising Indigenous imprisonment?

By Georgina Collins (MPP 2015)

Thesis Advisor: Mark Dawson


Fostering sustainability in Brazilian agrarian reform: Insights from assentamentos and ecovillages

By Bruno Paschoal, Caio Werneck and Javier Guillot (MPP 2015)

Thesis Advisor: Johanna Mair



Is it feasible to link the European Union emissions trading system with the Californian cap-and-trade programme?

By Marissa Santikarn (MPP 2014)

Thesis Advisor: Mark Dawson 

Practice Institution: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research



The value chain approach to rural agricultural development: Understanding the principal determinants of pro-poor outcomes

By Nicholas Ross and Jonathan West (MPP 2013)

Academic Advisor: Dr. Arntraud Hartmann

Practice Institution: International Fund for Agricultural Development


Food prices and speculation: Does speculation on the agricultural markets influence prices and volatilities?

By Tim Nieman (MPP 2014)

Thesis Advisor: Arntraud Hartmann


Towards new horizons in EU research policy: The changing role of the Directorate-General for Research (and Innovation)

By Dr. Julia Stamm (Executive MPA 2013)

Thesis Advisor: Gerhard Hammerschmid


Barriers to equity in education: An exploratory case study on Nepal

By Ann-Kathrin Scheuermann (MPP 2013)

Thesis Advisor: Markus Jachtenfuchs


Leadership in EU civilian crisis management

By Karin Müller-Badoreck (Executive MPA 2012)

Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jobst Fiedler


The politics of targeting regime choice: Has inflation targeting met its demise?

By Yuh Yiing Loh (MPP 2014)


Improving inter-agency collaboration in international development analysis of conditions under which to enter into, develop and sustain successful partnerships

By Lisa-Marie Kreibich (MPP 2013)

Academic Advisor: Prof. Johanna Mair

Practice Institutions: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Lux-Development (LuxDev)


Global forests, local development? An assessment of REDD readiness in Latin America

By Ana Carolina Alfinito Vieira (MPP 2012)

Thesis Advisor: Henrik Enderlein 

Practice Institution: Heinrich Böll Foundation


CSR instruments: A systematic overview

Contributors Karina Almeida, Simone Azevedo, Nora Azzaoui, Jeymar Bianchis, Inga-Lena Boos, Janetta Carlucci, Viviana Klein, Ola Kohut, Julia Kowalski, Jonas Kuhn, Christoph Leitsch, Paulina Olenga-Tete, Patrick Ross, Catherin Tiefenbach, Jay Watkinson, Frithjof Wodarg

With a foreword by Anke Hassel



The European debt crisis and the functional logic of the parliamentary system: A case study of the German Bundestag

By Lucy Kinski (MPP 2012)

Foreword by Markus Jachtenfuchs


Framing service quality - A comprehensive indicator for measuring service quality in public administration: Case study of Bürgerämter in Berlin

By Florian Birk (MPP 2013), Amani Joas (MPP 2013), David Rinnert (MPP 2014) and John Schilling (MPP 2013)

Conveners: Prof. Dr. Kai Wegrich and Jan Tiessen (PROGNOS)


Have think tanks in Washington D.C. become politicised?

By Patrick Gilroy (MPP 2011) 

With a foreword by Helmut K. Anheier.


The information and the opinions presented in these papers represent that of the author(s) and not that of the editors or of the Hertie School. The author(s) take(s) full responsibility for the information and the opinions presented.