Quo vadis, Europa? Four scenarios and their plausibility

What are the future paths of development of the European Union?

In this talk, Adrienne Héritier will scrutinize the plausibility of the future paths of development of the European Union: a federal state, a differentiated and flexible union, covert integration and disintegration. Systematically considering the preferences of the main actors, macro decision making rules and external shocks/crisis, the analysis comes to the conclusion that a differentiated and flexible union and covert integration are the most likely paths of development. She will conclude by discussing the costs of renouncing to an overall future design of the European Union.

Adrienne Héritier is Emeritus Professor of Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence and part-time professor at the Robert-Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (EUI). Her main fields of research are theories of institutional change in the European Union, and European policy making, in particular regulation of infrastructure networks and more recently financial markets.


Christine Reh is Dean of Graduate Programmes and Professor of European Politics at the Hertie School. Her work focuses on the European Union’s institutions, politics and legitimacy, with a particular interest in decision-making processes, informal governance and politicisation. Her current research explores the impact of national (electoral) politics on supranational actors and law-making.


Markus Jachtenfuchs is Professor of European and Global Governance at the Hertie School and Director of the Jacques Delors Centre. His main research interest is the study of multilevel governance in the EU and in the international system.

About the Michael Endres Prize

The Michael Endres Prize is awarded to renowned academics whose work centres on topics within the Hertie School’s research and teaching fields, and who have helped bridge academic research and policymaking. The prize is named for the long-time Chairman and current honorary Chairman of the Hertie Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Michael Endres, who was instrumental in founding the Hertie School in 2003 and who has helped guide its successful development since. The jury is chaired by former German President Horst Köhler.