Research prize

Dr. Michael Endres Prize

The Dr. Michael Endres Prize of the Hertie School of Governance, a 50,000-euro research prize, honours distinguished academics whose work centres on topics within the spectrum of the Hertie School’s research and teaching, and who have helped bridge academic research and policymaking.

The prize is named for the long-time Chairman and current honorary Chairman of the Hertie Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Michael Endres, who was instrumental in founding the Hertie School in 2003 and who has helped guide its successful development since.

Laureate 2017

  • Theodor Baums, Professor for Civil, Trade and Business Law at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Michael Endres Prize event series | Advances in corporate governance: comparative perspectives

A decade after massive governance failures kindled the global financial crisis, this event series takes stock by examining the performance of current corporate governance systems in place.  From a comparative perspective, looking at different types of corporations, both private and public, and bringing in evidence from across several countries, the series asks: have regulatory changes and new governance codes made a difference? Invited speakers and commentators investigate the strengths and weaknesses of current systems, and assess their implications for policymakers and regulators. The series sheds light on the governance performance of: listed companies and other market firms, including financial intuitions; public agencies and public-private partnerships; international organizations; and non-profit organizations and social enterprises, among others.