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The concept of regulation has created an international ‘policy boom’ across the OECD world and beyond for the past two or three decades. Governments have increasingly relied on regulation as a dominant policy mode, thereby shifting emphasis away from direct provision of public services and from redistribution. This development has been multifaceted, raising concerns about increasing penetration of society by state action via regulatory means. At the same time, the growth of regulation has gone beyond the realm of the nation state to include forms of international and transnational regulation - and indeed the regulation of public institutions, either by other public bodies, by associations, or private companies (i.e. credit rating agencies). Our expertise within this broad spectrum lies in the area of regulation of public institutions, including the regulation of public agencies (i.e. ministries, public service agencies) as well as core state activities (i.e. security policy, equality-oriented policies). This includes research on transnational or administrative law, the European Union as a regulator, and the regulation of policymaking and budgetary processes in government ministries.


Policy field speaker

  • Kai Wegrich, Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy

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