Research centre

The Fiscal Governance Centre

In 2011, the Hertie School of Governance established a new international research centre on public finance, the Fiscal Governance Centre. The centre focuses on institutional reforms and integrates the knowledge of an interdisciplinary network of experts who tackle contemporary questions related to fiscal governance and set a new course for policy development in this field.


Exploration of better fiscal governance

The centre explores which combinations of fiscal institutions, rules and norms lead to better fiscal outcomes.

A forum for debate about fiscal challenges

The centre is a clear, consistent voice in discussions about sustainable public finance systems for the future.



From the composition of its advisory board and staff to its research agenda, the centre is enriched through international participation at every level.


The centre integrates economic, legal, and social science approaches to the study of public finance.


The centre brings together academics, policymakers and elected public officials as well as private sector experts, in particular from the banking sector.

Focused on several administrative levels

  • Local – An increasing number of local governments in the industrialised world are in fiscal crisis. How can localities learn from one another to deal with their fiscal problems?
  • State – State governments in Germany and abroad are expected to balance budgets. What is the scale of the challenge and what measures should be taken to ease the transition?
  • Federal – How does the German debt brake function? What is the scale of medium- to long-term challenges to fiscal sustainability, such as the aging population and climate change?
  • European – How does the Stability and Growth Pact function, and how can it be improved? How should domestic and European fiscal rules best interact?
  • International – How can Europe learn from past crises in Asia and Latin America? What sort of fiscal coordination across borders leads to more effective fiscal policy and makes future crises less likely?



The centre's research assesses and disseminates best practices.


The centre hosts events that bring together leading experts and facilitate the exchange and dissemination of best practices.


The centre's experts author publications that explore various dimensions of fiscal governance and current best practices.

Centre director

Faculty and researchers

  • Jobst Fiedler, Resident Senior Fellow, Professor Emeritus

  • Christopher Gandrud, Postdoctoral Researcher for Mark Hallerberg