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Political Economy

The Political Economy Cluster considers the interaction of markets and government, both domestically and internationally. How much and under what circumstances does international economic integration constrain the policymaking of governments? Do governments compensate voters for greater exposure to the international economy? How is income inequality influenced by domestic institutions and the international economy? How do voters respond to economic shocks that originate abroad? How do government partisanship and/or institutions influence economic policy? What determines electoral support for economic liberalism? The research field of political economy includes economic influences on institutional choice, such as the adoption of electoral systems or democratisation, and the application of economic methods to political problems.

Research events

The Political Economy Seminar features prominent external speakers making notable contributions to the study of politics, economics and other quantitative social sciences. 

The Samples and Sandwiches Research Lunch offers an informal venue for Hertie School scholars to present works in progress. Meetings are catered and last for only an hour.

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