The German election took place on 26 September. Germany faces a set of key policy challenges that any combination of parties in a coalition government will have to confront. Drawing on the Hertie School’s interdisciplinary research in a wide range of policy-relevant fields, these briefs represent an attempt to identify imminent obstacles and problems that undermine the welfare of German society, as well as tailoring policy advice to specific and timely priorities that any government coalition should address from a very early stage of its administration.

The policy briefs that comprise this project bring together the analytical and methodological diversity of our faculty members and Centres of Competence, and combine expertise in economics, law, political science, public management and sociology to create novel approaches to governance challenges. We expect our project to be of relevance to the next government coalition, and contribute to the prosperity of the German society, regardless of the political parties involved in the forthcoming federal administration.

  • Mark Hallerberg, Acting President and Professor of Public Management and Political Economy