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Cultural value project: Cultural relations in societies in transition

The cultural value project: Cultural relations in societies in transition, conducted in cooperation with the Open University, aims to draw a comprehensive picture of different approaches and forms of cultural activities abroad, identifying shaping factors and conditions which allow for a lasting and sustainable impact in the host societies. Pairing an adapted version of the Civil Society Diamond and the Open University’s Cultural Value Model, the research project maps cultural relations in Ukraine and Egypt and generate insights for policy planning at the Goethe Institut and British Council

The Hertie School's research for this project is conducted by the Centre for Cultural Policy.

Cooperating institution

The Open University: The Open University is the biggest distance-learning university in the UK and has previously conducted studies combining monitoring, learning and evaluation for the BBC World Service and the British Council.


Goethe Institut and the British Council


November 2016 - June 2018

Project lead

Faculty and researchers