Research project

Democratization and Transnational Human Rights Regimes: A case study of Turkey and the European Court of Human Rights (DEMTUREUROPE)

Despite having been in the European human rights system for more than half a century, Turkey ranks on top of the list in terms of number of violations and is second to Russia in the number of cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights. Why? DEMTUREUROPE seeks answers to this basic question and by doing so to full a substantial gap in the academic literature concerning the „Turkey puzzle“.


The project, led by Dilek Kurban, looks into both the bottom-up and the top-down processes in which the ECtHR has engaged with gross human rights abuses in Turkey’s Kurdish region since the early 1990s. Adopting a process-oriented approach and an interdisciplinary methodology which combines legal analysis and qualitative social science research, the project analyses the legacy of Kurdish legal mobilization in Strasbourg and the impact of the Court’s rulings on Turkey's policies concerning the Kurdish question. 


2014 – April 2017

Project lead