Contract research

German foreign cultural and educational policy in comparative perspective

Commissioned by the Federal Foreign Office, a team at the Centre for Cultural Policy of the Hertie School of Governance carries out an extensive inventory of international foreign cultural relations and educational policy. It critically examines Germany's position vis-à-vis other actors at a global and regional level. The results of this analysis are presented in a detailed report, which can serve as a source of information for political decision-making. In the first project phase, the research team initially reviewed global perspectives. How is Germany's foreign cultural policy represented worldwide? What institutions, initiatives and instruments are being used by other countries - and by what means? In a second phase, the research team will focus on two regions with strategic interest for the federal government.


German Federal Foreign Office


1 March 2016 - 31 July 2017

Interim report

Project lead

Faculty and researchers

  • Matthias Haber, Postdoctoral Research Associate to the Governance Report

  • Charlotte Koyro, Research Associate to the Dean

  • Luis Everdy Mejia, Doctoral Programme in Governance | Research Associate - The Governance Report