Research project

TRansforming into OPen, Innovative, and Collaborative Governments (TROPICO)

The goal of TRansforming into OPen, Innovative, and Collaborative Governments (TROPICO) is to examine how public administration is being transformed to enhance collaboration in policy design and service delivery, thus advancing the participation of public, private and societal actors. The project's duration is from June 2017 until November 2021 and it has a special focus on e-government and public sector innovation. The project has received 4.75 million euros from the  EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The project is coordinated by the University of Bergen (UiB) and Gerhard Hammerschmid and Kai Wegrich are the project collaborators from the Hertie School, leading work package 6 (WP6) on collaborative public management practices in the delivery of innovative public services.

Under the leadership of Hertie, a team of researchers from 6 different countries conducted a meta-analysis of 16 national digitalisation strategies and analysed collaboration arrangements and dynamics in the context of government online platforms and smart city approaches. Their research was based on ten case studies and more than 60 in-depth interviews in five European countries. See here for more information about TROPICO. 

Project partners

The project is led by the University of Bergen, Norway, in partnership with

  • Cardiff University, UK 
  • Central European University, Hungary 
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands 
  • Hertie School, Germany 
  • KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Roskilde University, Denmark 
  • Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia 
  • The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)/ Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, France (2017-2019)
  • University of Antwerp, Belgium 
  • University of Louvain, Belgium (2019- ) 
  • University of Potsdam, Germany
  • University of Zaragoza, Spain


The project has received 4.75 million Euro from the EUs Eighth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.


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Faculty and researchers

Former researchers

  • Moana Jean Packo, Research Associate to Prof. Gerhard Hammerschmid

  • Enora Palaric, Manager Office of the President

  • Christin Skiera, Research Associate to Gerhard Hammerschmid