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Restart: A health care reform workshop

The initiative Restart: A health care reform workshop (Neustart) is a project of the Robert Bosch Foundation, together with the Hertie School, which aims to bring together academic research, practice-oriented ideas and  policymaking for a more sustainable healthcare system, as called for in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  The Bosch Foundation sponsors a professorship in health governance at the Hertie School, where a series of Think Labs involving experts from all parts of the healthcare field will take place over three years. The main theme of Restart is “patient-centred care” and the focus is reforming Germany’s healthcare system. Each Think Lab brings together 15 to 20 experts to discuss a particular topic. The results will be published as briefs by the Robert Bosch Foundation for distribution to the general public and as policy papers for experts by the Hertie School. The project is led by Mujaheed Shaikh, Professor of Health Governance at the Hertie School. The first Think Lab workshops began in December 2018, led by Professor of Public Health and Education Klaus Hurrelmann, who supervised the project until the professorship in health governance was established in Spring 2019.


This project is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation

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