Career development

Career development – a lifelong matter

Career development at the Hertie School supports students and alumni in all matters related to their career development. Valuable real-world working experience is part of the MPP and MIA programmes.




Working in Germany after graduation

Successful graduation from a German university opens up a range of opportunities in the German job market for international graduates. As a graduate of the Hertie School, you are allowed to extend your residence permit for up to 18 months after completing your studies for the purpose of looking for employment. While you have this residence permit for the purpose of looking for work, you are permitted to pursue any occupation. The Hertie School will also offer you opportunities to acquire German language skills during your studies as German sufficiency will make you more attractive to German employers and will significantly widen your possible career paths.

Career paths

Hertie School students come from interdisciplinary backgrounds. Our graduates pursue successful careers in the private, public and civil society sectors. Together, they form the school’s vibrant and global alumni network, which provides lifelong mutual support. 

Hertie School Connect

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Our student and alumni network offers news, events and interesting job openings.


“At the Ministry I was regarded as 100 percent member of the team and my tasks equalled those of the permanent employees. My Hertie School skills were highly valued and I got full support and excellent conditions to develop them further.”

Martina Podhorová | Slovakia | Professional Year at the German Federal Ministry of Health

“The Professional Year provided me with a solid understanding of the practical implementation of public policy and the implications within government and the private sector.”

Stephan Organischak | Germany | Professional Year at FleishmanHillard International Communications

“I did my Professional Year in South Africa as part of the Multi-sector HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme (MHIVP-P). This opportunity was pivotal in spearheading me towards a career in public health after graduating from the Hertie School.”

Audrey Namdiero | Kenya | Professional Year at Germany’s Development Agency, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)