Bureaucracies & evidence-based policy-making

24-26 October 2019 | Executive MPA seminar

Bureaucracies are core actors in the formulation and implementation of public policy and provide advice to executive politicians. Bureaucratic policy advice is often based on evidence received from various sources and channelled through the bureaucratic organisation. The context of policy-making is becoming more challenging for a rational review, weighing and consideration of evidence and data. Political polarisation, a changing media environment as well as crowded policy spaces with many actors seeking to frame policy debates, has made the job of evidence-informed policy-making harder. In order to understand the (non-)use of evidence, the course looks into bureaucracies as the machine room of executive organisation. The course will discuss various concepts to shed light on organisational properties of bureaucracies shaping policy-making and the use of evidence. Opening-up the black box of policy-making in government, the course offers participants models for understanding different actors’ behaviour and aims for a grounded understanding of how the politics of policy-making shapes the evidence-informed policy-making.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

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