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CPI’s Public Impact Lab

CPI's Public Impact Lab gives students the opportunity to tackle a real-life challenge of achieving public impact. This dynamic course gives students a chance to simulate a policymakers' experience of devising strategies to solve a social problem. The Public Impact Lab employs the latest technology - including virtual reality- to challenge students to deliver truly innovative thinking about real challenges.

The content of a Lab itself will involve students first analysing the impact of existing policy attempts on a single issue using CPI's Public Impact Fundamentals. The Fundamentals framework is a systematic attempt to understand what contributes to a successful policy outcome and highlights what can be done to maximise the chances of achieving public impact. CPI have used this framework in more than 50 workshops with governments around the world, many of whom are now using it to help them achieve better results.  

The core learning objective of a Public Impact Lab is to equip students with the tools to diagnose the extent to which a policy is likely to achieve impact, as well as teach them how to think of approaches that could enhance chances of success. Through simulating a policymakers‘ experience of grappling with a relevant and pressing challenge in society, a Lab serves as excellent preparation for students who intend to pursue a career in public policy.

This course is for first year MIA & MPP students only.