Cut-back management

Executive seminar

The huge increase of public debt due to the financial and economic crisis, as well as the tightening of fiscal rules in several countries, necessitates severe cuts in public spending. Meeting this deficit challenge and managing for cuts in the ongoing expenditure will be high on the agenda for many years to come in most OECD countries.

This is a huge challenge confronting public officials on the political level, as well as within public administrations or non profit organisations. It will increase the responsibilities of a much larger group of officials to simultaneously manage not only their programmes but also their budgets. It will be their task to cut running programmes in order to be able to come up to new areas of urgent additional public expenditure.

This seminar will focus on adequate approaches of how to manage this multi-year-retrenchment. It will, with an international focus, critically analyse past practices of continuing proportional cuts, as well as new approaches. The course will also deal with the controversy on the negative effects of austerity on economic growth and employment in several of the Euro countries and discuss the contradictions public policy makers are confronted with.

Not offered in 2018/19. This course can be customised for organisational clients. Learn more.