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Data Science for Decision-Makers

23-25 March 2023 | Executive MPA Seminar

Data plays a central role in most organisations and data science can be a powerful enabler to uncover useful business insights and gain a competitive advantage. While recent advances in machine learning and the increasing availability of data present exciting opportunities, they also present new challenges for decision makers. Decision makers rarely have the time to educate themselves about the technical skills required to extract useful insights from data. What they need, is distilled information which will help them make informed decision as fast as possible.

This course introduces decision makers to key data science techniques and technologies and equips them with a set of skills to embed data science effectively in every facet of their organisation. The sessions will be hands-on and practice-oriented, providing a high-level overview of data science and covering concepts such as data sourcing, predictive analytics, data storytelling, tools, data security and machine learning. Participants will also explore case studies and best practices to uncover what works and what does not.

Main topics and learning objectives:

  • Statistical concepts
  • Data collection, transformation and storage
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data storytelling
  • Data tools
  • Data strategies
  • Ethics and data security
  • AI & machine learning