Master of International Affairs   Master of Public Policy  

Democracy in crises

This course is jointly taught with Florence Faucher of Sciences Po Paris within the framework of Civica - The European University of Social Sciences.

The course reflects on how liberal representative regimes are facing challenges that question their foundations, their legitimacy and their institutions - not least the current Corona crisis. Against this backdrop, the course aims to provide students with the tools to analyse the transformations of contemporary democratic institutions and forms of political participation. To this end, we will consider changes that have affected politics in recent years and the ways in which the public relates to politics - from casting a ballot to changing lifestyles, participating online and offline, occupying public space, challenging and interacting with politicians or with local bureaucrats. We will draw from political science, sociology and anthropology in order to analyse collective identities and feelings of belonging, political mobilisation and institutions, environmental crises and migrations, new information and communication technologies. How do contemporary citizens understand their role in their polity and act accordingly? How do they relate to their communities and think and act politically?