Executive MPA   Executive training  

Designing, leading and growing organisations

26-28 January 2023 | Executive seminar

This course is about building and managing different types of organisations dealing with public issues, such as public sector organisations, social enterprises or non-profits. Responding to issues of public concern has increasingly necessitated innovative organisational responses. It often requires creating new organisations, carefully designing their structure and strategy, managing employees, groups and teams, understanding the role of culture, as well as collaborating with other private and public organisations. Organisational theorists have long examined such challenges. This course provides students with a number of key organisational concepts and competencies to help them understand and manage organisational challenges to public issues.

The primary course material consists of a series of case studies illustrating the successes and shortcomings of a range of different organisations, as well as the actions taken by their leaders and members. Supplemental readings consisting of key seminal organisational works provide theoretical support to the practical applications of the concepts in the cases.

This seminar is offered as part of the Executive MPA programme and in the open enrolment programme.