Designing, leading and growing organisations

29-31 October 2018 | Executive seminar

This course is about building, running, and growing new public sector and social organisations. Increasingly, responding to issues of public concern calls for innovative organisational responses. It requires, in other words, public sector and social entrepreneurship; a term that encompasses the establishing of brand new organisations, creating sub-organisations affiliated with an existing one or even creating small scale work-teams within a broader established organisational context. This course provides you with a number of critical concepts and competencies to succeed in doing so. The course is organized into three day-long modules: (1) How leaders, especially founders, play a critical role in shaping an organisation's culture, (2) How to think systematically and strategically about designing organisational systems, and, (3) How to manage the transition of an organisation from its often chaotic early phases toward being ready to take on challenges in the long-term. The primary course material consists of a series of cases studies illustrating successes and shortcomings of leaders who have undertaken these steps in other contexts. We will also read supplementary readings, and some course lectures. And we will hear from guests who have founded and grown social and public-sector organisations to maturity.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

It can also be completed as part of the

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