Digital governance in China: How to pitch high quality data to non-governmental actors

Today over half of the world’s population has access to the Internet. As the front runner in digital innovation China has experienced rapid digital development in the past ten year. Nowadays it has the largest Internet population, reaching about 802 million, more than twice the size of the population of the United States. Yet despite the size and importance of the Chinese internet until now we had very little knowledge about Internet users and the trends in digital development in China over the past ten years. What changes have China experienced over the past ten years on digital development? What is our best estimate for who uses the Internet in China and where Internet users are located? How popular are the various types of Chinese social media? What do Chinese Internet users normally use these social media for? Does Internet empower them to discuss or even participate in politics? In this course, you will have access to data on Internet use in China. You will find your own answers to the questions above and draw your own conclusions on digital governance in China.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.