Digital transformation

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18-20 February 2019 | Executive seminar

This seminar is part of the Digital Week: Gain cutting-edge skills and know-how on digital transformation and digital governance. Join us from 18 – 23 February 2019. [more]

The digital revolution is a complex and ubiquitous phenomenon, touching upon all aspects of social, political and economic life. Institutions in the private and public sector like political parties, public administrations, civil society organisations, companies and associations are changing the way they work or the provision of services, among others. This seminar will address the following key questions: How does technology change organisations, processes and culture? What are the implications for skill demand in organisations and how should they be addressed? It will also consider the implications of rapidly shifting citizen and customer expectations. Furthermore, participants will be enabled to better understand the resulting implications for leadership and management in public and private organisations.

This seminar combines academic and practitioners perspectives on the scale and scope of the digital transformation in politics, business and society. Participants will get insights into the impact by policy field and actionable insights for policymaking and organisational governance.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

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