Economics for non-economists: Micro and macroeconomics

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25-28 February 2019 | Executive seminar

The seminar offers an intensive introduction to certain key concepts used by economists. It consists of two components, a microeconomic and a macroeconomic analysis.

The microeconomics part covers the effective functioning of competitive markets and the potential need for government intervention. The macroeconomics section targets the understanding of interactions among the main policy areas: monetary policy, fiscal policy, and wage-setting. Conceptual and theoretical frameworks are discussed from the perspective of applied policy illustrations, providing the participants with a hands-on understanding of modern economic analysis.

In short, participants gain a thorough understanding of professional economists' way of thinking and a concise overview of the most important topics and approaches in micro- and macroeconomics. A background in economics or mathematics is not required.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

It can also be completed as part of the

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