Energy sustainability and climate change

Executive seminar

This seminar provides participants with an overview of the global fossil fuel markets and climate change and evaluates the potential of a sustainable energy system. It also deals with the economic consequences of global energy markets and energy policies.

The seminar enables participants to understand the interrelations between energy markets, economic, social and political impacts as well climate policy. It covers different global energy market assessments and policy impact studies. Participants critically reflect the potential and economic efficiency of renewable energy and energy transition pathways.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have acquired key competencies relating to energy economics as well as energy and climate policy impacts, and they will have developed an understanding of the challenges associated with the transition to renewable energy.  

Not offered in 2018/19. This course can be customised for organisational clients. Learn more.


  • Lion Hirth , Assistant Professor of Governance of Digitalisation and Energy Policy