EU Workshop in Brussels

18-21 June 2019 | Workshop

This workshop is suited to those who are new to working with EU institutions and also to those with prior knowledge of this field. It will provide participants with a good overview of the “European stage”, its actors, and the formal as well as informal processes of policymaking. Participants will gain knowledge on pressing current debates in the EU and talk to stakeholders and key actors from the most important European institutions, gaining a thorough insight into day-to-day work in “Brussels”. They will also meet organisations and individuals seeking to influence policymaking, thereby developing tactics and approaches to dealing with EU institutions in the process. The workshop will enable participants to take on positions in which in-depth knowledge of the European context is required.

The workshop will take place at a particular moment in time shortly after the 2019 European Parliamentary elections. This will enable participants to get a first-hand glimpse into how Europe digests this momentous activity, the second largest ballot in the world and one which is expected to shape EU institutions beyond the next five-year term.

This workshop is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

It can also be completed as part of the

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