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Economic and financial governance of the European Union

This course introduces European economic policymaking and focuses on the role that the EU level plays. You will learn about the major actors and the key processes and dynamics. First, the origins and milestones of European economic integration and the basic institutional architecture will be discovered: the single market, the single currency and the key EU institutions. Second, the transformations through the financial crisis and euro crisis, as well as the corona pandemic, will be discussed. Third, a deep dive will be taken into the different areas and instruments of economic policymaking (with a focus on current challenges and policy discussions, including climate change, inflation and high energy prices): monetary policy (ECB instruments and accountability), fiscal policy (fiscal rules and the EU budget), economic policy (European Semester, Recovery and Resilience Plans and EU legislation), and financial sector supervision and regulation (banking union and capital market union). We will adopt a political economy perspective as our main lens to study these issues. We will also pay particular attention to the way finance ministries and EU officials consider such problems.

This course is for 2nd year MIA, MPP and MDS students only.