Fiscal rules and budgeting: Examples from emerging markets

Executive seminar

This course gives an overview of the core set of financial management topics. While the focus is on "public" management, themes that originated in the "private" sector and that governments increasingly apply to their budgets are also covered.

Goals of public sector financial management, such as fiscal sustainability and allocative as well as operational efficiency are looked at, and how these can be contradicting goals. Further issues are the budget cycle, top-down budgeting and fiscal planning. The second main topic is "fiscal governance," which attempts to put together different packages of fiscal rules into predicable patterns as well as identifying when those packages of rules are most likely to succeed. Rationale and pitfalls of the latest trend in this field, performance-based budgeting, are analysed. Further issues of the course are alternative concepts of financing in the public such as debt management, project management and user financing.

Not offered in 2018/19. This course can be customised for organisational clients. Learn more.


  • Mark Hallerberg , Dean of Research and Faculty and Professor of Public Management and Political Economy